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CReSCENTAn intuitive and scalable web-portal for the standardized analysis of scRNA-seq data.[ Pugh Lab ]
DNAmodDNA modification database[ Hoffman Lab ]
DNF ExplorerExplore multi-layer similarities between chemical compounds[ Haibe-Kains Lab ]
ORCESTRAOrchestration platform for reproducing pharmacogenomic analyses.[ Haibe-Kains Lab ]
PharmacoDBAn integrative database for mining in vitro anticancer drug screening studies[ Haibe-Kains Lab ]
SYNERGxDBA comprehensive database to explore synergistic drug combinations for biomarker discovery.[ Haibe-Kains Lab ]
ToxicoDBInvestigate the pathways triggered by exposure to toxic substances[ Haibe-Kains Lab ]
XevaDBA Database For PDX Pharmacogenomic Data[ Haibe-Kains Lab ]
cBioPortal.cacbioportal.ca hosts the UHN instance of the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics[ Pugh Lab ]