DNF Explorer

Explore multi-layer similarities between chemical compounds

Description: A new integrative computational pharmacogenomic approach, referred to as Drug Network Fusion (DNF), to infer scalable drug taxonomies that relies only on basic drug characteristics towards elucidating drug-drug relationships. DNF is the first framework to integrate drug structural information, high-throughput drug perturbation and drug sensitivity profiles, enabling drug classification of new experimental compounds with minimal prior information.

Authors: Nehme El-Hachem, Deena M.A. Gendoo, Laleh Soltan Ghoraie, Zhaleh Safikhani, Petr Smirnov, Christina Chung, Kenan Deng, Ailsa Fang, Erin Birkwood, Chantal Ho, Ruth Isserlin, Gary D. Bader, Anna Goldenberg, Benjamin Haibe-Kains
Lab: Haibe-Kains
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Keywords: DNF Explorer, pharmacogenomics, drug taxonomy, drug relationships, drug perturbation, drug sensitivity
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El-Hachem, N., Gendoo, D. M., Ghoraie, L. S., Safikhani, Z., Smirnov, P., Chung, C., ... & Isserlin, R. (2017). Integrative cancer pharmacogenomics to infer large-scale drug taxonomy. Cancer research, 77(11), 3057-3069.