VirChIP Predictions for TF Binding (Cistrome and ENCODE-DREAM)

Virtual ChIP-seq predictions for transcription factor binding in CistromeDB and ENCODE-DREAM datasets.

Description: Each gzipped tarball contains BED files of Virtual ChIP-seq posterior probabilities. Each BED file corresponds to binding of a TF in one chromosome (one of chr5, chr10, chr15, and chr20) in a validation cell type of Cistrome (virchipCistromePredictions_V2.0.0.tar.gz) or ENCODE-DREAM Challenge datasets (virchipDreamPredictions_V1.0.0.tar.gz). V2.0.0 update: We provided our predictions on ENCODE-DREAM Challenge validation chromosomes (chr1, chr8, and chr21) in virchipDreamPredictions_V2.0.0.tar.gz FOXA1 predictions for binding in ch5 and chr10 of liver, and CTCF predictions for binding in chr10 of MCF-7 were missing from virchipCistromePredictions_V1.0.0.tar.gz
Karimzadeh, Mehran, & Hoffman, Michael M
Lab: Hoffman
Year: 2018
Keywords: Virchip, Virtual ChIP-seq, transcription-factor, prediction, cistrome, ENCODE-DREAM


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689 samples

Sample Type:CistromeDB, ENCODE-DREAM
Datatype:Virtual ChIP-seq
Technology:Virtual ChIP-seq


This dataset is public.

Contact: Michael Hoffman

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