PeaKO Data

CentriMo HTML, CentriMo TXT, and peaKO TXT files for JASPAR motif results (excluding de novo motifs) described in our paper "Motif elucidation in ChIP-seq datasets with a knockout control"

Description: PeaKO analysis of 8 sequence specific transcription factors (ATF3, ATF4, CHOP, GATA3, MEF2D, OCT4, SRF, and TEAD4). We evaluated our methods on these datasets, supplementing CentriMo with the collection of vertebrate motifs from the JASPAR 2016 database. Each transcription factor in our WT/KO datasets contains a corresponding motif within the JASPAR database. We used these JASPAR motifs as our gold-standard known motifs, and compared their rankings across methods. As a control, we processed the WT dataset alone through the same pipeline steps without any KO data.
Denisko, Danielle, Viner, Coby, & Hoffman, Michael M
Lab: Hoffman
Year: 2019
Keywords: PeaKO, CentriMo, JASPAR, motif, transcription factor


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8 samples

Sample Type:JASPAR CORE 2016 vertebrate motif database
Datatype:DNA Motif Probability
Technology:DNA Motif


This dataset is public.

Contact: Michael Hoffman

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