R implementation of logic optimization for binary input to continuous output

Description: Applies LOBICO model to large and complex datasets, formulates the logic mapping as an integer linear programming problem (ILP), and uses the advanced ILP solvers (IBM ILOG Cplex) to find the optimal mapping. The package is developed using R and C++, where the logic mapping formulation and Cplex Solver are implemented as separate files by C++ for performance gain and R functions are used as wrappers to call the C++ functions in the package. The speed performance of our open source package is optimized by tuning relevant parameters of Cplex Solver, which leads to better performance than the standard Matlab package
Authors: Bo Li, Wail Ba-Alawi, Christopher Eeles and Benjamin Haibe-Kains
Lab: Haibe-Kains
Version: 0.1.0
Keywords: RLOBICO, LOBICO, optimal mapping, ILP, R, C++
Licensing: GPL-3


Manuscript In Development